Лепельский лесхоз
лесхоз в Лепеле
Vitebsk state manufacturing forestry organization

The territory of the forestry enterprise according to the plant division belongs to the subzone of broad-leaved spruce forests (oak-dark coniferous) that has predetermined pecularities of actions on reforestation and the choice of  nurse species.
      When designing reforestation actions the present forest management was guided by manual, the instruction, requirements of safety standards, and also available materials oа soil-forestry typological  inspections, conceptual issues.
      On unwooded lands and cutting areas of  the auditing period traditional methods of reforestation were projected. Depending on soil-typological conditions, and also presence or absence of young growth at the moment of carrying out of field works, wood cultures or natural overgrowing (preliminary, accompanying or subsequent) were projected.
      The type of the future woods, their structure, efficiency, protective properties in many respects depend on correspondence of nursed tree species to conditions of environment, their correct mixture in the cultures, the accepted agrotechnology of soil preparation, quality and timeliness of tendance.
      On the ground of results of full-sized taxation, the use of materials of soil-forestry typological inspections, and also on the ground of decisions of forest meetings for the forthcoming audit period in all sites where creation of wood cultures is posible, the latter are  projected  from economic-valuable tree species for each specific site is possible. The basic cultivated species in the forestry  enterprise are the pine and the  fur-tree. As codominant it is recommended to use European larch , maple, linden, bushes and fruit species.

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