Лепельский лесхоз
лесхоз в Лепеле
Vitebsk state manufacturing forestry organization
History of forestry

By the decision of the Central Executive Committee and the Council of People's Commissars  of the Soviet Union from 07.02.1936 № 66/1162 «About the organization of the  Central Administration of Forest Protection and Afforestations» the  Central administration of Forest Protection and Afforestations attachéd to the Council of People's Commissars  of the Soviet Union was formed, and in the republics, regions and areas Boards of Forest Protection and Afforestations directly subordinated to it were created. On the basis of the specified decision the Lepelsky forestry enterprise was formed in the territory of Lepelsky, Chashniksky and Holopenichsky districts.

In August, 1937 on the basis of the Decision of the Council of People's Commissars  of the Soviet Union and the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (b) «About rendering assistance to kolkhoz peasantry of the BSSR and about relieving the consequences of wrecking in collective-farm building»480 thousand hectares of forestlands were transfered to collective farms from woods of the state and local value. Including 4800 hectares -  in Lepelsky district, 2900 hectares - in Chashniksky district.

During the Great Patriotic War, on November, 29th, 1943 (the Vitebsk district was still occupied) in the Central Administration of Forest Protection and Afforestations the order № 408 was publisheb in the Council of People's Commissars  of  the Soviet Union«About renewal of work of the Territorial Administrations of Forest Protection and Afforestations of the BSSR», in  which it was ordered to renew work of ten forestry enterprises in the Vitebsk Territorial Administration of Forest Protection and Afforestations, including Lepelsky forestry enterprise. 

         Lepelsky forestry enterprise included five forestries: Krasnoluksky, Chashniksky, Kamensk, Volosovichsky and Zatekljassky.

The total area of a forestry enterprise in the territories of three areas: Lepelsky, Chashniksky and Holopenichsky on the 1st of October,  1944 covered 67243 hectares, including 60886 hectares covered with forests.The following forestries covered these area :

-Krasnolukskoe – 15910 and 14878 hectares;
-Chashnikskoe – 11394 and 9869 hectares;
- Kamenskoe - 8567 and 7275 hectares;
-Volosovichskoe – 16041 and 14548 hectares;
-Zatekljasskoe – 15381 and 14404 hectares.

The staff of the forestry enterprise included 12 job positions:


1. The director of the forestry enterprise            7. The Chief accountant


2. The senior forester                                          8. The bookkeeper


3. The engineer of forestry                                   9. The statist


4. The engineer of wood cultures                       10. The clerk-machinist


5. The technician of forestry                                  11. The supply manager-storekeeper


6. The inspector of forest conservation                  12. The groom-coacher.




The staff of the forestry included:


- The forester;                       -3-4 wood-rangers;


- The assistant of the forester;      -9-18 foresters;


- The bookkeeper;                             - the groom.


The forestry enterprise office was located in the city of Lepel in the street Budyonny, the house 10(at present a television service shop).

     The total number of the working people in the forestry enterprise and forestries made 124 persons (before the war there worked 125 persons).

          After the war the first director of Lepelsky timber enterprise was appointed Darling Andrey Stepanovich who by the order № 1 from July, 10th, 1944 engaged for the positions:

The senior forester was appointed Ralkova Peter Gerasimovicha;
The inspector of wood protection was appointed Poljansky Athanasius Iosifovicha;
Chief accountant was appointed Khatskevich Sergey Terentevicha;
Secretary-clerk was appointed  Kameko Ivan Zaharovicha;
Statist was appointed Shatilo Elena Ivanovnu;
Supply manager was appointed  Bankovicha Phillip Stepanovicha;
Groom was appointed Ljubomirsky Joseph Petrovicha.

Foresters were appointed:
Krasnoluksky – Bezgin Michael Alekseevich;
Chashniksky – Gordeyev Konstantin Ivanovich;
Kamensk – Jasvets Stanislav Iosifovich;
Volosovichsky – Sharstuk Ivan Spiridonovich;
Zatekljassky – Zhernosek Vasily Ivanovich.

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