Лепельский лесхоз
лесхоз в Лепеле
Vitebsk state manufacturing forestry organization
Labour protection

Management labour protection policy of GLHU «Lepelsky forestry enterprise» defines the following goals and tasks:

* consecutive improvement of working conditions of workers (reduction of workplaces with harmful working conditions) and improving work safety ;
* securance of constant hazard identification of dangers and risk assessment  at work places;
* involving of all personnel of the forestry enterprise in activity connected with labour safety;
* introduction in industries of modern technological decisions and control systems, directed on minimising the industrial risks etc.

Work is carried out for prevention of cases of industrial injuries and occupational diseases.

At the enterprise personnel training has a continuous character and is a direct duty of each worker. The system of training of the personnel includes:

* preparation, retraining, cross-training and improvement of professional skill of workers;
* improvement of professional skills of heads and experts;
* training of auditors for conduct of OHSAS internal audits.

Responsibility for the work organisation of  labour safety in the forestry enterprise is laid on the master forester and the chief engineer of forestry enterprise, in structural divisions – on the head of structural division.

The labour safety bureau (the office chief of labour safety and the engineer of labour safety) is created that corresponds to Standard number of experts in labour safety at the enterprises, confirmed by the Decision of the Ministry of Labour of Belarus 23.07.1999г., № 94.

In the enterprise, on the basis of the Standard instruction about performing  control in relation to observance of legislation on  labour safety in the organisation confirmed by the Decision of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Belarus  from 12/26/2003  № 159, the instruction about monitoring procedure  of observance of the legislation on labour safety in GLHU «Lepelsky forestry enterprise» is developed. According to the Instruction in the forestry enterprise  daily, weekly and quarterly control is carried out. Every month days of labour protection are organized, quarterly weeks of labour protection are organized ,on which the analysis of the condition of labour safety in structural divisions of timber enterprise is carried out, the necessary information on labour safety is distributed to heads of divisions, complaints and offers are considered and analyzed.


The analysis of the condition of labour safety, existing dangers and risks at  workplaces is carried out.

Workers of the forestry enterprise are provided by necessary protection means according to Trade standards of free issue of personal protective equipment to workers of timber cutting and forestry organisations, woodworking industries confirmed by the Decision of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Belarus from 11/1/2002 № 140 and Instruction  of supply of workers by means of personal protective equipment, confirmed by the Decision of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection from 12/30/2008 № 209.

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