Лепельский лесхоз
лесхоз в Лепеле
Vitebsk state manufacturing forestry organization

Primary activity in industrial production of GLHU «Lepelsky timber enterprise» are timber logging and purchasing of bucking wood in the round in the  home market and outside of Belarus.

The annual volume of logging is 110 thousand cubic metres, including 60 thousand cubic metres of industrial wood.

For this purpose in forestry enterprise timber cutting place is formed  which consists of two masterful logging units.

Main harvesting technique of logging timber enterprise is a Finnish harvester «PONSSE», used in final fellings day-and-night.

For removal of bucking  wood in timber enterprise 5 timber lorries-short-loggers as part of the car MAZ, 2 timber lorries-short-loggers as part of  the car KAMAZ are on-stream.

Timber removal to the  intermediate storage from the harvest area of final felling is made by the Forwarder  Amkodor" 2661-01 »from felling to care for a forest– by carts MTPL-461.1 as part of tractor МТЗ-82.

The annual volume of wood removal makes 90 thousand cubic metres.

Industrial production includes manufacture of lumber which is carried out with the help of saw equipment of the Polish firm «Broad Pol».

The annual volume of produced saw-timber makes 6,5 thousand cubic m, including about 3 thousand cubic meters of saw-timber  produced for export, delivered to the countries of EEС.

GLHU «the Lepelsky timber enterprise» unloads 26 thousand cubic metre of round forest products of coniferous and broad-leaved species outside of Belarus by rail and by motor transport about 3 thousand cubic metre of saw timber, the total cost of which is about 1,5 million US dollars.

For unloading of forest products by rail the lower landig is organised with approach lines..

Monthly ground loaders engaged in loading of railway open wagons unload 70-75 open wagons of forest products of coniferous and broad-leaved speciesin the round for export and home market.

For maintenance of consumers of Lepelsky and Chashniksky districts with wood fuel it is prepared more than 50 thousand wood wood by the forestry enterprise which is sold as in the round, as it is used for fuel chips manufacturing.

In the forestry enterprise by home equipment (chipper MR-40) it is produced 18 thousand cubic metre of fuel chips in a year which is delivered to heating equipment of LKUPP ZHKH "Lepel". The total amount of the industrial production in money terms in established prices makes about 9200 million roubles.

GLHU «the Lepelsky timber enterprise» is engaged in storage of minor forest products(birch juice, berries, mushrooms, brooms, bathing brooms, medicinal plant raw materials and other products).

In timber enterprise for gathering of non- woody production plantations are made: oyster fungus with  the area of 0,5 hectares, black chokeberry– 0,5 hectares, New Year  fur-trees – 1,0 hectares.

The annual volume of storage and selling of minor forest products makes 84 million roubles.

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