Лепельский лесхоз
лесхоз в Лепеле
Vitebsk state manufacturing forestry organization

Sustainable forest management is an essential condition for the forest industry of the country, improving the quality and competitiveness of forest products in foreign markets.

In accordance with the "Programme of work for forest certification in the Republic of Belarus for 2009 of 2011", "Program Development of Forestry in 2007 of 2011" in 2011 GLHU "Lepel Forestry" was carried out on certification of forest management and forest management forest products and processed products based on origin in compliance with the requirements of forest certification systems of the National System of Conformity Attestation of Belarus.

Forest certification - one of the activities GLHU "Lepel forestry", which contributes to the productivity and sustainability of forest stands, enhance biological diversity in forests, minimizing the negative impacts of forestry on the environment, improve the export potential of the forest sector, the removal of technical barriers in international trade.

UE "Belgiproles" has officially confirmed that the system of forest management and forest GLHU "Lepel Forestry" corresponds trebovaniyamLesnogo Code, STB 1708 - 2006 "Sustainable forest management and forest management. Basic Principles "and other technical regulations in the field of forestry of the Republic of Belarus.

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