Organization details

PAN 300039426, GECO 00994710, GLN 4812766900007
EDI-provider MTT | LLC «Modern technologies of trade»
Full name: State Forestry Institution "Lepel Forestry"
Short name: Lepel Forestry
Director: Borodich Andrej Ivanovich
Acts on the basis: of the Charter
Chief Forester: Starinsky Andrey Viktorovich

Addresses and Phones

Mailing address: 211174, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region., Lepel с., Depovskaya st., 1
Phone: +375(2132) 6-91-55 (reception)
Fax: +375(2132) 6-91-55 (reception)
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank requisites

Current account: BY48BAPB30152405105120000000
Running account: BY51BAPB36059030001220000000
in JSC «Belagroprombank», BIC BAPBBY2X, Volodarskogo st., 74a, code 424

Requisites for railway departures

Shipper Code: 1194
Departure Station: Lepel Station
Station code: 168108
Station address: 211174, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region., Lepel с., Chujkova st., 38

Phone Numbers of leaderships

Director: +375(2132) 6-70-31
Chief Forester: +375(2132) 6-92-31
Chief Engineer: +375(2132) 6-91-57
Chief Accountant: +375(2132) 6-92-23



Andrej Ivanovich Borodich


Chief Forester

Andrey Viktorovich Starinsky

Chief Forester

Chief Engineer

Vasily Nikolaevich Polubinsky

Chief Engineer

Chief Accountant

Valentina Vladimirovna Pomalejko

Chief Accountant

Phone numbers of Manadgement Department

Executive Secretary: +375(2132) 6-91-55
Forest Department: +375(2132) 6-92-08
Industrial department: +375(2132) 6-92-01
Planning and Economic Department: +375(2132) 6-91-58
Labor Protection Bureau: +375(2132) 6-92-15
Accounting: +375(2132) 6-91-51
Hunting Engineer: +375(2132) 6-90-48
Dispatcher: +375(2132) 6-92-33
Head of the household: +375(2132) 6-12-37
Chief mechanical engineer: +375(2132) 3-38-51
Head of the woodworking workshop: +375(2132) 6-92-19
Energy Engineer: +375(2132) 3-38-53
Deputy director for ideological work: +375(2132) 6-92-00
Legal advisor: +375(2132) 6-92-00
CAM engineer: +375(2132) 6-92-00

Phone numbers of divisions

Volosovichskoe forestry: +375(2132) 6-39-52
Zaozerskoe forestry: +375(2132) 6-90-50
Kamenskoe forestry: +375(2132) 6-90-97
Slobodskoe forestry: +375(2132) 6-94-24
Stajskoe forestry: +375(2132) 6-98-60
Kashhinskoe forestry: +375(2133) 6-38-91
Krasnolukskoe forestry: +375(2133) 6-38-24
Starosel'skoe forestry: +375(2133) 6-88-73
Other divisions
Woodworking workshop: +375(2133) 6-92-19
Logging station «Lepel'skij»: +375(2133) 6-23-11
Lepel forest hunting farm: +375(2133) 6-90-48
Permanent Forest Nursery: +375(33) 320-82-34
Loading and unloading platform: +375(2132) 6-23-11
Mechanical repair shops: +375(2132) 3-38-51
Construction team: +375(2132) 3-38-54


Hunting complex

Lepel forestry offers for recreation the hunting complex "Сordon Dolgoe". Located in a quiet cozy corner of the Lepelsky district in the village of Slobodka, 15 km from Lepel, geographical coordinates: latitude 54°57′21″N (54.955924), longitude 28°31′ 31″E (28.525301).

  • Environmental route prices

    • * price for the period from 31.12.2021 to 09.01.2022
      Name Unit measurements Sale price with VAT rubles.
      Services ecological route "Vishenki" 1 tour 148.82
      Services ecological route "Lepel" 85.90
      Services ecological route "Krynichka - 1" 125.40
      Services ecological route "Krynichka - 2" 105.54
      Services ecological route "Lepel-Aviary" 51.30
  • You can book a hunter's house on the BelTour website.

  • Prices for hunting complex services

    • Service Unit meas. Price for foreign citizens with VAT, rub.
      Rent all hunting complex (guest gazebo, small gazebo, bathhouse (1 session), forester's house, hunter's house, hunter's house No. 2) twenty-four hours 1550.00
      Rent all hunting complex without the provision guest houses and besedski bath (1 session) twenty-four hours 990.00
      Rent of the cottage "House of the Forester" with a capacity of 12 people. (accommodation, use of the kitchen, refrigerator, dishes, gazebo)* twenty-four hours 605.00
      Rent of the house "Hunter's House" with a capacity of 4 people. (accommodation, use of the kitchen, refrigerator, dishes, gazebo) twenty-four hours 250.00
      Rent of the house "Hunter's House No. 2" with a capacity of 6 people. (accommodation, use of the kitchen, refrigerator, dishes, gazebo)** twenty-four hours 465.00
      Rent of a guest gazebo with a capacity of 40 people with the provision of a grill, cauldron for cooking fish soup day 165.00
      Use of a small gazebo, barbecue, provision of skewers, cauldron for cooking fish soup day 210.00
      Bath services for 1 session (for those living in the hunting complex) (2 hours) (provision of sheets, towels, brooms (2)) session 135.00
      Bath services for 1 session (for those who do not live in the hunting complex) (2 hours) (provision of sheets, towels, brooms (2)) session 135.00
      Rent an off-road vehicle (tricycle) - one rental 1 hour 45.00
      Rent an off-road vehicle (tricycle) - one rental from 1 to 2 hours 72.00
      Rent an off-road vehicle (tricycle) - one rental over 2 hours 108.00
      Bike rental hour 6.00
      Boat service (rowing boat, catamaran) hour 9.00
      Use of places equipped for fishing (duration of fishing - daylight hours) people per day 15.00
      Entrance fee to the rope park, one passage people 20.00
      Repeated passage within 2 days people 10.00
      Services for the use of watercraft (rowing boat, catamaran), use of places equipped for fishing (duration of fishing - daylight hours), bicycle rental for those living in the hunting complex is free

      * if necessary and in agreement with the administration of the hunting complex, the number of places can be increased to 16 without increasing the payment

      ** if necessary and in agreement with the administration of the hunting complex, the number of places can be increased to 8 without increasing the payment

      Services are provided upon preliminary payment of a deposit in the amount of 30% of the cost of services according to the price list


      Rent of the entire hunting complex FOR STAYS from 3 to 5 days inclusive (accommodation, use of the kitchen, refrigerator, dishes, gazebo) - 15% discount

      Rent of the entire hunting complex FOR STAYS MORE THAN 5 days (accommodation, use of the kitchen, refrigerator, dishes, gazebo) - 25% discount

      In case of damage to the property of the Lepel forestry, the person who committed it reimburses the DUAL book value of the damaged equipment, kitchen utensils, furniture, etc.

We offer 3 comfortable hunting lodges for guests, located in a pine forest on the picturesque shore of lake Dolgoe, where you can have a wonderful vacation and weekend.

In a cozy two-story house, a small group of up to 12 people can stay. In which there is a living room with a fireplace, a large spacious kitchen, 2 bathrooms and showers, a balcony with amazing scenery on the water surface. And also for family holidays, we are pleased to offer you a one-story house with all amenities (kitchen, bathroom, shower, living room, TV, WI-FI).

On the territory of the hunting complex there is a playground, a Russian bathhouse which can accommodate up to 10 people, a summer house for 40 people for corporate meetings, banquets, celebrations and other celebrations. And also there are 3 summer houses equipped with light, barbecue and barbecue for cooking barbecue for 6-15 people.

24-hour security of the hunting complex and guarded parking for cars.

For a more amazing vacation, we provide additional features:

There is wonderful fishing on the lake located in the complex. Dolgoye lake is rich in various species of fish (catfish, pike, bream, silver carp, grass carp and many others). Fishing enthusiasts are provided with boats. For fans of quiet hunting, there is the possibility of picking mushrooms and berries.

Here you will find everything you need for an unforgettable vacation!

You can find all the necessary information and reservations at the following contacts:

Tel (MTS) 8 (029) 295-44-54 Tatyana (Administrator)

Tel 8 (02132) 6-83-93; Tel./fax. 8 (02132) 6-91-55 Reception

Attention! Staying in the territory with pets is not provided!

Attention! Check-in time after 12.00, eviction before 11.00!


Hunting farm

Hunting farm

In the hunting farm, there is a high density of hunting species of wild animals (according to the 2022 data, 120 elk, 210 roe deer, 130 noble deer, 3 wild boar, 160 beaver, 2 wolf live on the farm's territory). The hunting grounds are rich in all types of hunting birds and fur animals. The economy organizes all types of hunts, including trophy hunts, both for citizens of the Republic of Belarus and for foreigners. Is provided rent of hunting weapons.

The area of forest hunting 43.7 thousand ha, of which forest - 18.1 thousand ha, wetland - 4.2 thousand ha, field - 21.4 thousand ha.

There are 32 lakes and 6 small rivers on the territory of the forest hunting enterprise.

Lepel forestry offers for recreation hunting complex "Сordon Dolgoe" . Located in a quiet cozy corner of the Lepelsky district in the village of Slobodka 15 km from the town of Lepel.

Forest hunting has its own aviary , which includes hunting for fallow deer and deer. The area of the aviary is 170 hectares.

Hunting economy


Feeding animals

During the period of shortage of natural fodder by the forestry hunting, feeding of wild animals is carried out.



FOREST CERTIFICATION - the activities of the relevant authorities and business entities to confirm the conformity of the quality of forest management, forest management and forest resources with the current forest legislation, state standards and other regulatory documents, criteria and indicators governing the reproduction, conservation and protection of forests, logging and other forest resources.

The purpose of forest certification is to achieve and maintain a level of forestry that ensures socially, environmentally and economically balanced and sustainable management of forest resources based on criteria for sustainable forest management and forest management.

In the process of forest certification the following main tasks are solved:

  • preventing the reduction, depletion, and restoration of forest resources and related ecosystem functions of the forest;
  • implementation of technological processes, forest management systems and forestry methods, logging, ensuring the conservation of biological diversity and forest-related resources;
  • improving the quality of forest products and their processed products and ensuring their safety for life, health, property of the population and the environment;
  • confirmation of the conformity of product quality indicators declared by the manufacturer (seller) with specific technical regulations;
  • improving the quality and competitiveness of products, facilitating their export by documenting their origin from sustainable forests.


Forestry today

The State Forestry Institution "Lepel Forestry" of the Vitebsk Industrial Forestry Association is located in the southern part of the Vitebsk region in the territory of the Lepel, Chashniki and Senno administrative regions.

The length of the territory from north to south is 60 km, from west to east is 75 km.

The forestry enterprise is bordered in the north-west by the Ushachsky forestry enterprise, in the northeast by the Beshenkovichi forestry enterprise, in the east by the Bogushevsky forestry enterprise, in the south by the Borisov and Krupsky forestry enterprises of the Minsk region and in the west by the Berezinsky biosphere reserve.

Climatic conditions are quite favorable for the growth of the main forest-forming species: pine, spruce, birch, aspen, black alder.

The total area of forestry is 96.0 thousand hectares, of which covered with forest is 85.9 thousand hectares.

A characteristic feature of the territory of the forestry enterprise is a pronounced hilly-hilly relief, composed of a heap of rocks brought by the glacier and the presence of a large number of lakes, usually located in large glacial depressions bordered by moraine ridges and hills. On the territory of the state forest fund of the forest enterprise there are 54 lakes, 26 small rivers flow. The main part of the territory of the forestry enterprise belongs to the Western Dvina River Basin.

The administrative building of the forestry enterprise is located in the district center of Lepel, 110 km from the regional center of Vitebsk and 155 km from the capital city of Minsk.

The main objectives of the leshoz are:

  • preservation and creation of the forest fund's territory of highly productive, high-quality (biologically sustainable, optimal species and age composition of forests and forest fauna) that meet modern environmental, social and economic needs of the individual, society and the state, taking into account the basic requirements imposed by law to forest management;
  • Multi-purpose, scientifically-based, continuous and sustainable forest management, ensuring the rational use, protection, protection and reproduction of forests, increasing their ecological and resource potential.

According to the Charter, Lepel Leskhoz performs the following functions:

  • management in the use, protection, preservation and reproduction of forests on the territory of the leshoz;
  • implementation of state programs and projects for the development of forestry in order to increase productivity and improve the qualitative composition of forests, enhance their environmental protection functions, provide industries and population in all types of forest products;
  • keeping state records of forests and the state forest cadastre;
  • the creation and cultivation of forest plantations, as well as the timely restoration of forests in the areas cut down by economically valuable species;
  • protect forests from fires, illegal cuttings and other actions harmful to forests, protect forests from pests and diseases;
  • doing business in zones of radioactive contamination in compliance with the requirements established by law;
  • control of the radiation situation on the territory of the forestry enterprise, maintenance of radiation-ecological monitoring, radiation control of the forest products produced and supplied;
  • exercising control over the use, protection, preservation and reproduction of forests;
  • pursuing an economic and scientific-technical policy in order to create the necessary conditions for the leshoz to work efficiently, to increase the volume and improve the quality of products, to solve urgent social problems;
  • the approval in the prescribed manner of the withdrawal of land from forest land;
  • construction and repair of buildings, structures, forest cordons, fire towers, reservoirs, construction and maintenance of forest roads and means of communication;
  • integrated forest and hunting management in the prescribed manner, monitoring of hunting management and hunting in the territory of the forestry enterprise.

Reference Information

General characteristics of the forest fund

Year of formation of the forestry enterprise: 1936
Fire Hazard Class: 3.5
Average age of stands: 51 year
Average Stock: 214 m 3/ ha

Breed structure of forests

Conifers: 42084 ha
Soft-faced: 42182 ha
Hardwood: 1585 ha

Age structure of stands

Youngsters: 14068 ha
Middle Ages: 33275 ha
Crouching: 23856 ha
Ripe: 14652 ha

Forest Categories

Category Total area Forest covered area
Conservation Forests 1415 ha 1317 ha
Recreational and Wellness Forests 2965 ha 2592 ha
Protective forests 28660 ha 24867 ha
Operational Forests 62937 ha 57075 ha