Aviary hunting

In accordance with the state program for the development of the hunting economy for 2006 - 2015, on the basis of the Lepel forestry, a site was selected for the construction of an aviary. The area of the aviary is 170 hectares.

Under an agreement with the GPU NP "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", 52 individuals of royal stag were acquired for over-exposure in the aviary and further release into the territory of the Lepel forestry to create a new population of this species of hunting animal.

On the basis of an agreement concluded with one of the farms of the Republic of Lithuania, 60 individuals of European fallow deer were purchased and released into the enclosure.

The huntsman service for everyone, can organize an open-air cage hunting or will happily conduct a tour of this object of our farm, where you can watch with binoculars the beautiful and graceful representatives of the deer family, both from the ground and from equipped observation towers. The richness of the hunting grounds and the highly qualified staff are the key to successful hunting.

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