The main activity in the industrial production of the Lepel forestry is the development of a logging fund, the removal of wood from forests to industrial warehouses or other warehouses of consumers to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, as well as the development of secondary forest management and harvesting of secondary forest resources.

The annual volume of logging is about 228 thousand cubic meters, including 160 thousand cubic meters of commercial wood.

The annual volume of timber transport is 225 thousand cubic meters.

Industrial production includes sawmill production, which is carried out on the circular sawing equipment of the company "Brodpool", "MEBOR" and domestic equipment.

The annual output of lumber is 25 thousand cubic meters.

To provide consumers with wood fuel, the leshoz harvests more than 68 thousand firewood, which is sold both in a round form and used for the manufacture of fuel wood chips.

The leshoz produces 60 thousand cubic meters of fuel wood chips per year.

Lepel forestry is engaged in the procurement of products for secondary use of the forest (birch sap, berries, mushrooms, brooms, bath brooms, medicinal plant materials and other products).