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Administration building of Lepel forestry

The state forestry institution "Lepel forestry" of the Vitebsk production forestry association is located in the southern part of Vitebsk region in the territory of the Lepel, Chashniki and Senno administrative districts.

The length of the territory from north to south is 60 km, from west to east - 75 km.

The forestry borders in the northwest with the "Ushachi forestry", in the northeast with the "Beshenkovichi forestry", in the east with the "Bogushevsk forestry", in the south with the Borisov and Krupsky forestries of the Minsk region and in the west with the Berezinsky biosphere reserve.

Climatic conditions are quite favorable for the growth of the main forest-forming species: pine, spruce, birch, aspen, black alder.

The total area of the leshoz is 96.0 thousand ha, of which 85.9 thousand ha is forested.

The main objectives of the forestry are:

  • preservation and creation on the territory of the forest fund transferred to the forestry of highly productive, high-quality (biologically stable, optimal species and age composition of forests and forest fauna) that meet modern environmental, social and economic needs of individuals, society and the state, taking into account the basic requirements of legislation forest management;
  • multi-purpose, science-based, continuous and sustainable forest management, ensuring the rational use, conservation, protection and reproduction of forests, increasing their environmental and resource potential.