PEFC Certification

PEFC - The Pan-European Certification Scheme was created in 1997 on the basis of a number of national forest certification systems. Its main function was the mutual recognition of national forest certification schemes under a single brand. Many functions of national certification schemes have been delegated to this organization, such as the development of framework standards and policies. Later it was renamed the Program of approval of forest certification schemes.

Belgiproles Unitary Enterprise officially confirmed that the forest management and forest management system of the Lepel forestry enterprise complies with the requirements of the Forest Code, STB 1708-2006 “Sustainable forest management and forest management. Basic Provisions” and other technical regulatory legal acts in the field of forestry of the Republic of Belarus.

Also, Belgiproles UE officially confirmed that the products come from forests certified in accordance with the requirements of the Forest Certification System of the Republic of Belarus, in the process of its manufacture, special accounting and identification of used raw materials and materials obtained or made from forest products have been established, originating from certified forests, providing a difference from products of other origin in accordance with the requirements of TСP 5.4.03-2009 of the “National System for Confirming Conformity of the Republic of arus. Forest certification system. Rules for the identification of forest products and products of their processing on the basis of origin. "

Product List:

  • round softwood timber, STB 1711-2007;
  • round hardwood timber, STB 1712-2007;
  • balances, GOST 22296-89;
  • technological wood raw materials, TC RB 100195503.014-2003;
  • firewood, STB 1510-2004;
  • softwood lumber, STB 1713-2007;
  • hardwood lumber, STB 1714-2007;
  • wooden blanks for the manufacture of fences TC BY 100195503.003-2011;
  • wooden stakes, TC RB 100195503.012-2003;
  • fencing, TC RB 00969296.005-98;
  • fuel chips, TC BY100145188.003-2009;
  • wooden ties for broad gauge railways, GOST 78-2014.

PEFC Certificate:

Lepel forestry policy: